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Mini 0806: A Sneak Preview

UPDATE: To order, or to find out more about the Mini 0806, visit our product page.

UPDATE: More information is now available about the Mini 0806. Read our latest blog post here.

Mini 0806 DashcamMini 0806 Dashcam

After the popularity of the Mini 0801 and Mini 0803, it’s with great excitement that we hear that a Mini 0806 is currently in development! Also referred to as the Mini 0803 Pro, it appears to be in a testing phase so hopefully it will be available to purchase sooner, rather than later!

Physically, if the blurred pictures that have been released by the manufacturer bare any relation to the finished product, the Mini 0806 appears to keep a similar styling to it’s predecessors, but with a few modifications. The rounded end of the 0801 and 0803 looks to have been squared off slightly and on the rear, the LCD screen and buttons look as if they have a new white surround?!

While the exact specification is closely guarded secret at this stage, some YouTube videos showing day and night test footage offer a 1440p video resolution which hints that the Mini 0806 could offer ultra high definition video. Also, the night time footage appears to be very clear, which indicates that the Mini 0806 has retained the wide dynamic range (WDR) of the Mini 0803.

We’re hoping to be a part of the testing process for the Mini 0806 and have contacted the manufacturer to try and get involved. While the Mini 0803 has had a few teething problems, we’re huge fans of this fantastic range of cameras and they’ve been very popular with our customers.

We’ll keep you updated as we get any more information and hope to get our hands on the Mini 0806 as soon as possible.

Mini 0806 Test Videos

Daytime Video
Nightime Video