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Insurance companies are already aware of the benefits that technology can bring them, with several companies installing ‘black box’ units in policy-holders cars that transmit data about vehicle usage. And while car cameras are still relatively uncommon in the UK, the insurance companies we’ve spoken to already recognise how useful they are in helping to prove the innocence of their policy-holders by delivering irrefutable evidence and enabling them to dramatically speed-up claims processing times.

It’s also well documented that drivers who have a car camera installed subconsciously alter their driving behaviour to become calmer, more patient, and overall, safer drivers. These types of drivers make ideal customers for insurance companies.

With this in mind, some insurance companies are already rewarding drivers who use car cameras with discounts against the price of their policies. And in many cases, with insurance premiums often reaching thousands of pounds, the savings can more than cover the cost of the car camera in the first year. We would always suggest discussing the fact that you have a car camera with your insurer, especially when negotiating a new policy, however, the companies below are ones that we’re aware already have an existing offer in place.

Swiftcover InsuranceSwiftcover are the first mainstream insurer to offer a 10% discount to drivers with a dashcam, with no restrictions on the model of car camera installed.
Adrian Flux InsuranceAdrian Flux offer a 15% discount. They specialise in young drivers, classic cars, exotic vehicles and kit cars.
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Equity Red Star InsuranceEquity Red Star offer a 10% discount to fleet insured policy holders.

Some of these offers are for specific brands and models of dash cam only so please confirm the details with the companies directly. All details correct at time of publication.

Please note, we are not affiliated with any insurance companies. We’ll be contacting more UK insurance companies in the near future to find out more about their attitudes towards car cameras, their opinions on the drivers who install them and their plans to offer related discounts. As we hear of more insurers offering similar deals we will be informing our customers and reporting the details here. Check our articles or follow us on social media to keep up-to-date.