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If you’re looking for advanced fleet solutions that incorporate onboard cameras, advanced vehicle tracking and much more. Please contact our parent company Fleet Witness who specialise in supplying solutions to larger fleets.

We can provide a dash camera specifically designed for use in commercial fleets that can’t be bought in our online store. It has a tamper proof locking case and moulded power cables to deter tampering. You can view it under our Commercial Dash Camera category.

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Dashcams for Fleet Vehicles

From saving money on insurance premiums to effective driver management, find out why fleet managers are turning to vehicle cameras.

When your vehicles equal your business, it’s crucial that your fleet is as operational and effective as possible at all times. With this in mind, fleet operators are turning to fleet dash cams to help them manage and maintain their vehicles and drivers. High-definition footage of any incident helps to ensure that insurance claims are dealt with swiftly and favourably, whilst helping to limit the amount of time damaged vehicles are off the road. You also have access to detailed logs of vehicle speed, location and telemetry information meaning that driver behaviour can be monitored and assessed. Surveys have also shown that the use of car cameras can reduce accidents by up to 45% as drivers become more conscious of their activity on the road.

Insurers are also beginning to see the benefits that car camera footage can bring to them by helping them to resolve claims quickly and effectively which helps to save them time and money. They are then passing these significant savings on to fleet operators, either in the form of discounted insurance policies, or even as rebates against the cost of equipping your fleet with dashcams. With crash for cash scams on the increase, and targeting company vehicles in the hope of a bigger payout, footage of any incidents that your vehicles are involved in can literally save your business thousands of pounds, making dashcams a sound business investment. Remember that larger fleet vehicles such as vans and lorries are easy targets due to the increased braking time and reduced manoeuvrability.

We have worked with many fleet owners and managers, including those within the police and fire service, to identify the ideal cameras for them and develop a suitable package in accordance with their requirements. We also keep abreast of developments in the industry and have relationships with related organisations such as Fleet Point, which enable us to advise our customers with authority. To learn about the many benefits that dash cams for fleet vehicles can offer your business and for a tailored quote, contact us using the form above.

The key benefits

Save money on your fleet
insurance premiums.

Protect your no claims discount
and future premium costs.

Simplify insurance claims with
irrefutable evidence.

Protect against fraudulent crash for
cash insurance claims.

Monitor, assess and influence
your driver’s behaviour.

Track and evaluate vehicle
movements accurately.

Use footage to train and educate
new drivers.

Protect your vehicles against
accidents when parked.


What is a dashcam?

Dashcam Mounted in Car

In case you’re not familiar with what fleet dashcams are and how they work, these small cameras affix to the windscreen of your fleet vehicles and record the road ahead, and in some cases behind. They capture high-definition video which can be referenced in the case of any incident to clarify events before, during and after the event. This footage provides irrefutable evidence which can be provided to your insurers to help speed up claims and apportion blame to the correct party.

GPS data is also captured which provides speed and location data that can be monitored to evaluate your driver’s behaviour. When using the software provided with your fleet dashcam, this data is shown alongside the corresponding footage to paint a detailed picture of their activity.

Some dashcams feature small LCD screens which make installation and setup easy while others have built in WiFi that enables you to connect to the camera with a smartphone or tablet to review footage and adjust settings.

Installation and setup

Dashcams are generally powered via the vehicle’s cigarette lighter, with the cable being hidden around the windscreen and dashboard. However, many fleet operators choose to hardwire their cameras to the vehicle electrical system, which can also provide continuous power so you can take advantage of capturing video whilst the vehicles are parked. We provide a mobile installation service anywhere on the UK mainland and can work around your fleet schedules, including weekends.

Car cameras record onto micro SD memory cards which store recorded footage and associated data until it is required. While every camera is different, as a rough guide a 32GB memory card will hold around 5-6 hours of footage at any one time. However, newer cameras support larger capacity memory cards which means that significant amounts of footage can be stored. Once full, the camera uses its loop recording function to record over the oldest footage. In order to protect eventful footage, some cameras can detect significant and sudden movement, such as swerving and heavy braking, and protect those video files from being recorded over in case you need to refer to them at a later date.

While there are many camera features and settings that can be tweaked and adjusted, the main principle of a dashcam is that it is installed, set up and then can be largely forgotten about until recorded footage is required. All dashcams start and stop recording automatically, and some detect when your vehicle is stationary and automatically engage parking protection mode. Once installed, a fleet dashcam becomes a silent witness to support you in the case of an incident.


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no hidden customs charges.

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“With so many choices of companies offering products it was hard to know who to trust. After one call to Car Camera Shop I knew I could trust Andy and his team with my large order. Excellent communication and superb connections with their suppliers made my headache disappear.”
Trevor, Dovetail Systems


“I have used for all our fleet of company vehicles. From initial contact for advice through to delivery of goods; the communication has been excellent, even a nice touch of a pack of Haribo in the parcels! I would recommend them if you are considering cameras in your vehicles. Adding the mini0806 and mini0805 cameras to our fleet has not only reduced the insurance premium but has increased driver awareness; hopefully decreasing the risk of a collision in the future!”
Simon, Questmead

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Key Benefits

Next Steps

Firstly, get in touch with us to see how we can help you. Every company is different so we’ll work out a solution that works for you. We usually recommend that you try a few of the recommended cameras first to see how you get on with them before committing to a larger order. This will give you the chance to play with the cameras to learn how they work, as well as deciding which cameras work best for you.

So, contact us here or complete the short form above to discuss your requirements further.