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Lukas V790

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We no longer sell this camera, for an up to date equivalent please click here

Introducing the Lukas V790 dash camera, the V790 is a high quality and simple front facing camera that has all of the essential features you need from a dash cam.

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We no longer sell this camera, for an up to date equivalent please click here

The Lukas V790 replaces the flagship T790 camera from Lukas. The T790 was the first camera Lukas produced with the cylindrical design. The V790 has stayed true to it’s heritage and kept the classic design, but comes with a whole host of internal upgrades, ensuring the camera performs better than ever, with even better video quality.

The Lukas V790 dash camera has 4 different recording modes and will switch between them automatically based upon what is happening around the vehicle. The camera when powered up will go into ‘Continous’ recording, it will stay in this mode until either an event occurs, or the ignition is switched off. If an impact event is detected by the cameras G-sensor, the camera will immediately save a 30 second video file into the ‘Event’ section of the memory before returning to continuous recording. An Event file can also be created by pressing the ‘E’ button on the camera itself, this can be useful if you witness dangerous driving and want to use the footage at a later date. The final mode is parking mode. If the camera is hard-wired to the vehicle, it will go into parking mode once the ignition is switched off. If motion or an impact is detected when in parking mode, a 30 second video file will be saved, providing your vehicle protection even when you are away from it.

The Lukas V790 front facing camera boats a 2.1MP SONY STARVIS image sensor, providing 1080P Full HD video recording @ 30 FPS. This ensures that the video footage captured by your camera is crisp and clear during both day and night. As well as the high quality video, the camera has an 135° field of vision, ensuring that a detailed view of in-front of the vehicle is captured, providing crucial evidence in the case of an accident occurring. The V790 also features built-in GPS, allowing your vehicles speed and location information to be overlaid on the footage.

Video playback is quick and easy with the Lukas V790’s built-in WI-Fi. When the camera is powered on, simply connect your mobile device to the camera and use the Lukas app to playback and download previously recorded footage or change any camera settings. Alternatively, you can remove the SD card and use the bespoke Lukas desktop playback software to analyse any video footage.

In The Box

  • 1 x Lukas QVIA V790 car camera
  • 1 x Mounting kit
  • 1 x Hardwire kit
  • 1 x 16GB microSD memory card
  • 1 x User guide