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Why buy a car camera?

Not sure what a car camera is? Read here first.

Car cameras, or dash cams, are small, cost-effective video cameras that more and more motorists across the UK are installing in their vehicles. So, why buy a car camera?

For one, to protect themselves in the case of an accident. They offer safe, conscientious drivers the peace of mind that if they’re involved in an incident on the road, they will have a detailed record of precisely what happened. Like a black box recorder for your car. This information can prove invaluable where insurance claims are concerned as they provide irrefutable evidence as to which party is to blame.

While this is the most popular reason to install a car camera, they offer many more benefits. Many of which can save you money, meaning that car cameras are often an investment that pay for themselves.

Protect your no-claims bonus and insurance premiums

Many insurance claims prove nigh-on impossible to resolve fairly, as each party denies responsibility and police forensics only tell a part of the story. This can result in either both parties having to assume equal responsibility or, even worse, the innocent party being wholly blamed. By having clear video evidence, which in the case of many car cameras also contains date, time, speed and location data. Insurers are able to completely understand the circumstances leading up to an incident. This evidence enables you to protect your no-claims bonus, ensuring your insurance premiums don’t increase.

Faster insurance claims processing

This is possible the most useful reason to buy a car camera. When an insurance claim is being processed there’s the inevitable back and forth as each party explains their case, making statements, providing diagrams and more often than not, embellishing the details in their favour as they do so. However, with high-quality video and supportive details regarding the location, time and speed of any incident, the facts speak for themselves and remove any doubt or indecision that may otherwise have delayed your claim from being processed and paid.

Peace of mind in car parks

One benefit of tailor-made car cameras over other types of digital video devices. They often encompass G-shock technology that enables them to detect sudden and severe movement of your vehicle, as is common in crash situations. This functionality also enables them to detect incidents when the car is parked and vacant, meaning that you can capture a record of incidents even when you’re not in the vehicle. Again, this offers peace of mind that if your car is damaged while in a car park, you can bring the guilty party to justice and not have to either pay for the repairs yourself or claim on your insurance.

Protect against Crash for Cash scams

According to the Insurance Fraud Bureau, organised Crash for Cash scams are on the increase and cost the UK insurance industry £392 million a year, with 1 in 7 personal injury claims likely to be linked to one. Highly-organised gangs orchestrate crashes which usually result in an unwitting and innocent party rear-ending a gang member, who can then claim for anything from vehicle damage and loss of earnings to personal injury for themselves and often for passengers who weren’t even in the car! Protect yourself with irrefutable video evidence that will clearly show the circumstances leading up to any incident and put paid to any concerns about these scams impacting your insurance premiums.

Report dangerous and unsociable drivers

It’s an unfortunate truth that not all drivers value safety as much as we would hope. Drivers speeding, tailgating, under-taking and using mobile phones, among many other issues, mean that the roads are more dangerous than ever before. One method of combating this worrying behaviour is to report wreckless and dangerous drivers to the authorities by capturing them on video. In many cases these drivers are prosecuted purely on car camera evidence. As in-car cameras become more and more common, and the threat of being caught becomes more and more likely, we can help make our highways safer.

Capture and report road rage incidents

According to a recent survey by insurance company Admiral, road rage is becoming more common in the UK with over half the people interviewed admitting to getting angry at other motorists. The vast majority of incidents culminate in nothing more than some choice words and an offensive hand gesture but, more worryingly, nearly 10% of people interviewed said that they had been threatened with physical violence. Car cameras can be used to keep a detailed record of any such events and can also be used to diffuse situations as many attackers will back-down once they realise they’re being filmed.

Keep a record of your fleet and drivers activity

The level of detail captured by car cameras, particularly dual-lens cameras that record in-car activity at the same time as on-the-road action, mean that they can offer fleet owners the ability to monitor their vehicles and drivers activity easily and effectively. At the same time as protecting insurance premiums, particularly in the light of Crash for Cash scams, owners can rest assured that they have a complete understanding of their drivers activity and behaviour as well as a highly-detailed record of their vehicle’s usage.

Record and keep treasured memories

Fortunately, car cameras aren’t solely dedicated to capturing accidents, scams and negative behaviour. They also enable us to capture videos of more enjoyable activities such as scenic road trip holidays and exciting track-day races! Whatever treasured memories you want to keep, an in-car camera will deliver a high-definition record of events that you can watch time and time again. You never know, you might also be lucky enough to capture more unusual events such as meteors falling to the Earth, as recorded on many car cameras in Russia in 2013!